A Soulful Journey for Women Who
Live, Love & Lead


“Nisha has helped lovingly guide me into finding + going for what I want, helping me find my voice in both my business and lives. All this while also finally feeling at home with a circle of sisters that truly accepted all of me. It’s nice to finally know I am not alone, that tons of other women feel like the weirdo that doesn’t fit in because we are choosing a life that may look very different from other women around us.”

Crystal Cave

Founder & CEO, Crystal Cave

“My relationships with my family and dearest friends are all stronger. I’ve stepped into a sisterhood of love, power, strength and beauty. I live my dreams. Thank you Nisha!”

Kit Maloney

Founder & CEO, O'Actually

“Working with Nisha was a dream. She has a way of speaking and reaching into the depths of your heart so that you feel fully safe being yourself. She created a space for each of us to fully embrace our divine gifts. My business and life are completely more ME than ever before. I feel more alive, more radiant, and more supported.”

Sara Mazenko

Founder, Sara Mazenko

“Working with Nisha has enhanced my life in more ways than I can count: She has helped me amp up my business and craft a new one. My life has exploded with sisterhood. And my marriage is more loving, honest and supportive than ever. Nisha brings super-powerered business acumen and a nurturing touch to her coaching. For me, it’s the perfect combination, and I could not imagine what my life would be like without our work together.”

Julie Rath

Founder and CEO, Rath & Co Men’s Style Consulting and Next Level Style

“I feel like my being, my business, my relationships – everything has expanded as a result of being a part of this circle of amazing women. This has been one of the biggest gifts that I’ve ever given to myself, and I’m wildly grateful I went for it.”

Jordana Jaffe

Facebook Strategist, Embarkability

“Nisha brings a feminine twist to everything she teaches and touches — an inclusive, sensual kind of wisdom that’s just what we need to round out our ambitions.”

Danielle LaPorte

Author of The Fire Starter Sessions & The Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte

“It was divine Intervention, really, to discover a woman so fiercely devoted to helping women achieve freedom in all areas of their life, through self discovery and by surrounding yourself with the support of other ambitious women. i joined her mastermind, and over the course of two years I transformed into the woman I always wanted to be. My relationships began to thrive, my creativity and productivity flourished, I let go of the anxiety and perfectionism that used to define me, and finally received the clariy and courage to make all of my dreams happen. In fact, Hello Fearless and BossSchool would not be a reality without this woman. And furthermore, it’s with her guidance that I’ve overcome so many fears, limiting believes and challenges to become so fearless in my own life and business.”

Sara Davidson

Founder, Hello Fearless & Boss School

“How can I even find words to describe how transformative my time working with Nisha has been? To say that my life has shifted in ways that I never believed possible would be an understatement. I am beyond grateful for the experience and it was a true lesson that when I invest in myself and my happiness, only great things can come in return. So many amazing things happened, and my life is truly transformed from working with Nisha.”

Jen Blackstock

Oracle and Head Priestess, The Unbridled Life

“I’m extremely skeptical of most so-called ‘coaches.’ But watching Nisha work with her clients is nothing short of amazing. Her results and commitment speak for themselves. She is a coach I’d personally trust.”

Tim Ferriss

Author, The Four Hour Workweek

“The experience of working with Nisha is like having a sister, midwife, priestess and business mentor all at the same time. Her intuitive and heart-led coaching has had a profound impact on my life and business.”

Becca Piastrelli

Founder, The Dabblist

“The minute I met the vibrant, warm, and magical Nisha, I KNEW she would be one of my greatest teachers, guides, and inspirations. Before coaching with Nisha, I often hid out and isolated myself when I felt triggered or upset. Now I reach out to others and ask for support. I allow myself to be nurtured and seen, even in my darkness. Nisha has shared so much wisdom that has transformed my life, but here is one of my favorites: “Cora, when you share your pain with those who love you, you don’t create more pain, just MORE Love.”

Cora Poage

Intuitive Coach, Sexy Soul Wellness

“The work that Nisha does is unparalleled in this world. She is a leading voice in the women’s leadership movement and having her as a dear friend, colleague and former coach she has made all the difference for me in building a business that is not only wildly successful, but also is a reflection of my true heart’s desires. Her ability to think outside the box, provide beautiful elegant solutions for complicated problems and her stand for beauty and easeful ambition are qualities that are greatly needed in this world.”

Lisa Fabrega

Writer & Seer, Lisa Fabrega

“The thing that really surprised me about my work with Nisha was that I came into this thinking I was going to get a business out of it, but what I got instead was a life. I was able to grow into my full self. I can’t wait to see what happens next in my life.”

Carolyn Messere

Surgeon + Health Expert, Soul Deep Wellness

“Nisha is truly a business whisperer. She brings your most brilliant ideas, gifts and powers out of hiding and helps you package them in a way that commands respect and response from the world. Every good idea I’ve ever had has been in the sacred space that Nisha provides in her work with you. She lights a fire under your ass, holds your hand and cheers you on. I am always in awe of her magnificence and since working with her, I am finally in awe of mine.”

Sarah Jenks

Founder, Live More Weigh Less

“Nisha supports, guides and coaches you to be the very best version of yourself and offers the perfect cocoon in which to discover more fully who she is and how to set her free. Nisha has found her purpose in life and it’s to help you discover a remarkable life and live it fully. She’s created something far greater than herself and I’m so thrilled and blessed to be a part of her legacy.”

Beth Ash

Founder, For Love of the Vine

“I freakin’ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Nisha.

Every single interaction I have with her leaves me far better off than when I started.

I don’t know how I could possibly narrow down her excellence into a few sentences, so here are 5 of the top reasons I think Nisha’s beyond epic, in no particular order:

1. She has the best blend of intuitive + practical advice.. Any time I ever ask her to help me with anything, I get a concrete action plan — but it’s led by my heart.

2. The best way I can explain Nisha’s energy is “sparkling clean from a place of love”. I’ve never met someone who can hold space for anybody with so little judgment and so much love at the same time.

3. Nisha really walks her talk. She says she is a stand for sisterhood, and she consistently shows it. She’s forever going above and beyond to be there for the women in her life.

4. She is a master at freedom – both internally and externally. I’ve had more than one conversation with her where I was completely frazzled about something, and she’d just quickly drop a perspective shift, rattling my world for the better.

5. Nisha overdelivers like crazy. If she says she’ll do something, she does it… but then she keeps giving far more. And it’s always from a place of “surplus” energy. She is just so full of love, heart, and generosity.

I can’t recommend Nisha highly enough.”

Rachel Rofé

Better Life Strategist, Rachel Rofe

“What really surprised me about Nisha as a coach was that I thought I was going to get some really great business strategies, but I didn’t realize how much love she gives.

Every time we had a call together what I would feel is this immense love and support and what I thought I needed wasn’t what I needed at all. What I really needed was to become more of myself and to ease into love and trust of receiving help and guidance and that has changed my life, my relationship with my husband, my friendships and in the end it was the foundation of what I needed to rock out in my business.”

Jeannine Yoder

Founder, Mentor Masterclass

“Working with Nisha has helped me to look beyond what I thought possible for my life and my business. Part of the brilliance of working with her is her ability to help you see the links between the problems that show up in your business and the ingrained (but changeable) beliefs about your life.

With Nisha’s guidance, I’ve created major results and learned to feel more balanced and grounded as a human being in the process. I am so grateful for her generosity and brilliance. With Nisha, I never just feel like a client, Nisha is a mentor, sister and dear friend.”

Stephanie Burg

Holistic Health Coach, Stephanie Burg Coaching

“The best thing I discovered about the community of sisterhood is the true unconditional love and acceptance I feel being vulnerable, silly, or whatever form I choose to show up as in any moment. I no longer feel alone or abandoned. I’m completely supported in sisterhood in my life, love, my passion and whatever else lies ahead of me.”

Jenn Bradshaw

Well Woman Coach, Jenn Bradshaw

“Working with Nisha has helped me voice and clarify my desires, in my business and my personal relationships. She has helped me to feel confident in myself to dream big, and create a path and the tools I need to achieve my dreams. She has inspired me to be the woman I never knew I could be: powerful, feminine, and free. The Sisterhood she introduces you to was something I didn’t realize I could have and was yearning for, and every day I wake up I think about how grateful I am to be a part of it. I am so thankful to have her as my coach, my sister and my friend.”

Melissa Hoffmann

Personal Branding Makeup Artist, Melissa Hoffmann

“Nisha brings infectious energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes. She’s mastered the art of knowing how to inspire and transform, while delivering grounded, practical wisdom.”

Joshua Rosenthal

Founder, Integrative Nutrition

“I have become so much more aligned with my soul’s purpose and so confident in my self-expression on all fronts of my life – in my relationships, in my business and just in the way I move through the world.

I have a newfound level of confidence and a new understanding of myself and love for what it is that I’m going to offer in the world and I have women that I can fall back on for the rest of my life and that’s like a superpower.”

Ginny Muir

Body Wisdom Coach, Ginny Muir

“What really surprised me about working with Nisha was how much I was able to open up and discover about myself, not just about my own core beliefs, but about what I wanted to create in my life and my business, and do so openly. I didn’t think I would be able to reach down and find the truth so easily, but with the support of Nisha and this community it happened for me and happens for everyone she works with.

I’ve become more of myself through my work with Nisha. I was really able to shed some old layers that I was struggling to do on my own, but because of the support and the coaching and the constant positive feedback, I finally feel like me and it feels awesome.

The best business and life shift I’ve implemented is control of the calendar. My life and business calendar is no longer a nightmare, it’s set up in a way that it’s such a thing of beauty. I love the serenity and productivity that I feel when I look at my calendar now. I really needed this support to make that happen.”

Alex Jamieson

Author + Certified Health Counselor, Alexandra Jamieson

“I wish there was a way to fully express how grateful I feel for the intimate, magical, and heart-opening weekend I shared with some of the most incredible women I’ve ever met in my life. WOW.

Just saying thank you to Nisha and all our sisters in our mastermind couldn’t ever do it justice. I feel so snuggled and loved by this sisterhood, so healed, so open, and vulnerable.”

Sirena Bernal

Nutrition + Fitness Expert, Sirena Bernal

“I knew this year and this sisterhood was going to be good. I realize now I had no idea HOW good. Nisha’s ability to cultivate a space of real, true sisterhood for women is kind of beyond description. The further I go into this life she has guided me to step into, the more fierce I realize I have always been. Nisha and my new community of sisters have allowed me to be excited about my life again.”

Erin Cadd

Interior Coach, Erin Cadd Living

“I gained a deeper insight into who I am, what I am bringing and the courage to step onto the stage in a bigger way and be the Urban Priestess that I am. Understanding my work’s intrinsic value has changed the way I do business and the way I see business. Its not in opposition to my intuitive, healing abilities…it’s inclusive and expansive in the realm of feminine leadership. Making this leap has changed my life.”

Vanessa Codorniu

The Urban Priestess, Vanessa Codorniu

“Right after our first retreat, I had the strength to pack up my belongings and travel to Australia for two months. Since then I have only been home for two weeks at a time. The freedom I feel living my life the way I crave has been exhilarating and liberating. Nisha encourages you to be your authentic self and listen to your intuition.

…I have become a leader in my global community. I understand the true meaning of sisterhood and I have seen the impact we have made by supporting each other through our highs and lows.”

Sora No

Life + Business Coach, Sora Surya No

“I dream bigger. I shine brighter. I feel like all my dreams are totally within my reach.”

Laura Dinstell

Founder, Almost Custom Websites

“Nisha Moodley rocks my world. Every time we speak I feel more inspired, energized and powerful and just more happy to be alive. She has the amazing ability to give kick-ass business advice in the most loving way Before coaching with Nisha, I was completely lacking in direction, confused about what steps to take in my business and afraid of putting myself out there. She helped me get laser focused on exactly what I need to do to grow my business. But, more importantly, she helped me discover and align with my purpose on the planet, which gave me the courage to serve in a bigger way. She cares about the bottom line, but more importantly she cares about your soul. In the world of coaches, she is truly a rare gem.”

Nicole Moore

Love Coach, Love Works Method

“I am grateful to Nisha for her wisdom and foresight in creating such a special container where women come together and thrive in this safe, nurturing environment, where we explore, learn, grow and embrace dreams we might have been too fearful to pursue on our own. …This is one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments I could ever make in myself.”

Lois Wong

Writer + Yogini, Lois J Wong

“Having Nisha’s support, guidance, love, and practical tools has helped me get to a place where I am no longer floating in a sea of anxiety but rather skipping, hopping, and booty-shaking my way to my dream life. And the best thing of all? She is a constant reminder that we are free to create the lives that we want to live- and we can start right now.”

Alison Leipzig

Body Confidence Coach, Alison Leipzig

“I am so grateful that Nisha has given me my wings to fly. She is purely brilliant! Beyond being an incredible, intuitive, creative, trustworthy coach, she is my biggest cheerleader and I would not be where I am if it weren’t for her guidance. I had the courage to leave my well-paying job in finance to be a full time Health Coach. I now love what I do every day and was even featured on the Lululemon blog, which was a dream come true! I’m even following my dream of moving to California.”

Jill Shapiro

Health Coach, Transform With Jill

“I got the value of every resource I invested (money, time, energy) — and more. I learned how to move with life instead of letting life move me. I learned how to create healthy boundaries, to stop long enough to let the wound heal and to fight for love if you want love to fight for you.

Thank you, Nisha. For giving me the opportunity to trust and surrender to your power. It’s caused me to surrender to my own.”

Katie DePaola

Co-Founder & CEO, Inner Glow Circle

“This was simply the best gift I could have given to my business and myself this year. Nisha is amazing! This sisterhood is amazing!”

Tara Zirker

Founder & CEO, 2 Hours Daily

“Nisha holds the deep, magical space for women to do their inner and outer work with integrity so they can be the best leaders they can be.
…I’ve deepened more into my desires, dreams and had the support to really go for them at my own pace. Even more importantly, I’ve healed years of sisterhood hurts within this beautiful, loving container.”

Allison Braun

Soulful Success Coach, Allison Braun

“I truly believe that Nisha has a hook-up with the time gods because there isn’t a single time where I didn’t feel like time slowed down and expanded for our coaching together. I needed a coach that could speak both spiritual priestess and pragmatic businesswoman and Nisha is a beautiful blend of both who has mastered so many areas of life that she can literally speak to pretty much anything. Above all, she comes to the table with her heart on her sleeve and an ability to see you – really SEE you.

I really feel this doesn’t do it justice. Thank you. I love you. I am more me because of you. There are no words that can show my gratitude.”

Nadia Munla

Women's Health & Sensuality Coach, The Pleasure Plate

“Thank goodness I followed my intuition! …[I] shed layers of my soul crippling perfect girl mask to emerge as more of myself. Realizing rather than putting other women on pedestals wondering when it would be my turn I really just needed to jump in line— we each have space to make a difference and being held in sisterhood was a deep healing experience for me. Sisterhood is salve. Nisha is love and wisdom embodied. I am forever changed and deeply grateful for this experience.”

Taryn Mason

Truth Teller & Free to Be Coach, Taryn Mason

“…a life affirming and game changing decision to say the least. The perfect combination of strategy and soul.

By living her message Nisha gives each of us permission to step into our own truth, to dream bigger and shine brighter than we’d dare dream was possible. She and the community of sisters she curates are two of my greatest gifts.”

Tina Hofer Medico

Interior Designer + Play Instigator + Inventor of The Sparkboard, Tina Hofer Medico

“I never could have imagined how life-changing it would be for me. The support that you get from her and the group as a whole is incredible. You’re surrounded by a group of women that want you to succeed and that are happy to do anything they can to help you evolve in all areas of your life. If you are truly ready to take things to the next level in your life and business, this is the place to be.”

Ashley Terrell

Co-Founder and Director , Terrell Clinic

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